Pergola with corrugated roof and ideas for it

Pergola with corrugated roof: if you are looking for and thinking about ideas for this pergola, we will discuss a lot of ideas that will benefit you; all information you want to know is existing here, you and you will explore a lot of creative ideas through our article.

Pergola with corrugated roof

Generally, enjoying a garden is one of the best experiences that every human being can have, but to make it even more incredible, it is inspiring to have a pergola with corrugated roof that, in addition to the beautification of the place, protects us from the sun. And depending on where we live, exposure to the sun can be very unpleasant (and even harmful), especially during the summer.

Fortunately, today we find a large variety of models and prices, so getting one is as simple as taking a look at our selection while taking note of the advice we give you.

Details about pergola with corrugated roof

Pergolas are magnificent elements, consisting of a corridor surrounded by relatively wide columns, at the upper end of which is an open grid. The materials used to make them can be metal, wood, bricks and beams. It is believed that it began to be made around the mid-1600s. Until then, what was done were the so-called green tunnels, formed from young and flexible shoots of willow or hazel, which were tied in such a way that they took the form of an arch on which longitudinal strips were woven on which climbing plants later grew.

But of course, these shoots did not last forever, so the creation of an artificial structure, despite the appearance that combines well with the natural elements of gardens, was a discovery for gardeners of that time. In fact, it became the preferred structure for landscape gardens in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and even today, it is always included in the designs of these places.

What are the uses of pergola corrugated roof?

Pergolas are magnificent and elegant structures which have multiple uses in the garden:

  • To give shade.
  • The natural thing is that if you start designing your garden, you will have almost no animals, especially if the land has been punished for a long time with toxic products and extensive land use.
  • Therefore, one way to attract beneficial animals is to place plants that produce flowers that grow in the pergola with corrugated roof.
  • It offers you relaxation and gives you the opportunity to take many wonderful pictures in the garden.

Below, we will help you to install corrugated roof pergola, and we will provide many types of it.

How to create a pergola with corrugated roof with your hands?

We will present some steps to design it:

  • If you plan to build a pergola out of wood, use a medium-sized pergola with corrugated roof supports of at least 200 * 200 mm.
  • Beams – from a board not less than 40 mm thick. Be sure to stop and lever: it will increase rigidity. If you build support columns of brick or stone, they are placed around a tube – round or square – of your choice, but it must be.

Pergola dimensions

  • A little about the size of the pergolas.
  • It should be proportional to the site. If it is small, the distance between the shelves can be one and a half meters.
  • It is not worth it any less: taking into account the foliage, only one person will pass through this lane.
  • A larger width is required for larger areas – too narrow will look scrawny.
  • The standard height of the garden pergola is 2.2-2.4 meters.
  • Then the whole structure will be harmonious, and the foliage and flowers will not squeeze.

Now we will show you a simple and reliable way to make a pergola out of wood material

Pergola out of wood material

It is the most common type of pergolas.

The method:

  • Connect the main beams and beams to a decorative strut.
  • A beam is placed on top of the support column (shelf) and fixed with nails or long screws. However, with lateral forces, it can shift.
  • To eliminate this, after laying and fixing the auxiliary beams, a decorative strut is installed. It holds three elements together.
  • The greater rigidity of the structure is provided by an obliquely placed spacer, which is often called a boom.
  • In the simplest case, a pergola with corrugated roof consists of four columns connected by main and auxiliary beams.
  • You can slightly diversify the appearance due to the different design of the ends of the auxiliary and main beams, and to make them all the same, make a template from a small piece.
  • Then you apply it to another piece and circle it with a sharp pencil as accurately as possible to the template.
  • Cut along this line.

Cheaper design of pergola with corrugated roof

Cheaper design of pergola with corrugated roof
  • The wood for columns should be of a large section, which is not cheap.
  • The main beams also should not be smaller, which increases the cost of the structure.
  • But you can save money if you install two thicker boards on both sides on the posts on top.
  • You can connect them with screws, or you can connect them with screws.
  • This is more reliable: the installed joints can be tightened if necessary.
  • How does such a structure look like taking a “live” look at the photo?
  • You have to decide how you will fix the support pillars.
  • If your poles are made of pine, no questions asked, you can simply bury them in the ground.
  • With other wood, everything is more complicated: direct contact with the ground is extremely undesirable. You can treat the ends of the poles buried in the ground with antibacterial impregnations such as SENEG or Senezh Ultra and put them to work for a couple of hours.
  • The second option is to make a concrete pile with a built-in screw (or several supports, depending on the size and weight of the structure).
  • Fasten the bracket to the screw with a 5-8 mm gap.

If you want not to make it yourself, you can buy it from any online store according to your budget.

Another method is if the site is concrete or paint has been applied

  • About pergola with corrugated roof Then take the metal thrust bearings.
  • Most often, they are found in the form of an inverted letter “P” and attach to the site’s surface. Secure the shaft with screws through these plates. This type of fixture is suitable for the garden, where the bug will be closed by plants.
  • Other thrust bearings are used if the construction is carried out in an open area.
  • After choosing the method of installing the columns, all the timber used in construction is covered with a protective composition – antibacterial and insect repellent.
  • Fittings must be intended for external use (not for internal use, but for external use only).
  • After processing, you can start creating.

Metal pergola with corrugated roof construction

Metal pergola with corrugated roof
  • The metal or aluminum is prepared and then painted.
  • High-quality paint with a good coating will last for several years.
  • More trouble with wood. In our climate, we have to renew the paint every year.
  • Therefore, it is better not to use varnish: it cracks, turns white and turns off in parts. To update the coating, you need to clean everything and then cover it again.
  • Therefore, it is better not to use the best varnishes for the outdoor garden or outbuildings. To treat wood found outdoors all year round, there are oils to which color is added.
  • They don’t shine, but they significantly protect the surface from environmental factors.
  • The worst thing that could happen is that it will fade a little. For reprocessing, the surface must be cleaned of dirt and dried. It can be dyed. Dry touch is usually a few hours.
  • Comfortable, beautiful and reliable.

The difference between the metal is still in the way of assembly

Pergola with hammock and corrugated roof
  • Pergola with corrugated roof is either a weld or bolt assembly.
  • Everyone chooses his own path.
  • Because the wear resistance of the painted metal is very high, it can simply be sanded with concrete.
  • Therefore, there are fewer difficulties in installing the columns.
  • It is difficult to work with him only because of the mass.
  • But everywhere has its drawbacks.
  • And perhaps the variety of metal pergolas is greater than that of a wooden pergola: they can be shaped, and curved shapes can be made. It is combined with metal, stone, brick and wood.
  • The canopy is pulled over a metal frame, wicker mats are laid, and roller blinds are installed.
  • See the gallery for examples (expand to full screen if needed).

Pergola with hammock and corrugated roof

And to highlight the recreation area and create shade in the hot daytime, a garden pergola with a corrugated roof is well suited, and you can also install a hammock under the pergola.

In landscapes designed in the spirit of romantic classics, it will be appropriate to create a light forged structure intertwined with ivy or grapes; it will be an ideal and wonderful idea and will give you calm, relaxation and psychological peace.