Shelf in laundry room “6 Great ideas”

Your laundry supplies will stay organized and accessible with the shelf in laundry room and the help of these clever and fashionable laundry room storage solutions.

Whether you’re designing the space from scratch or trying to make an existing one more functional, the laundry room shelving ideas you use in your space will play a significant role in how the room functions. Who doesn’t want wash day to be more productive?

The perfect shelf arrangement may provide simple access to the numerous stain removers, fabric softeners, and detergents needed for a decent load of laundry. Furthermore, using shelves in your laundry room might provide you a chance to give the space a touch of class. Consider glass jars with crystallized laundry or a bouquet packed with new flowers.

Shelf in laundry room

Use these inventive shelving ideas to make laundry day less of a burden.

There is no reason why your shelf in laundry room can’t be just as lovely as it is practical, regardless of whether you have a huge laundry room with lots of area for cabinetry and built-in shelving or you need to be inventive by converting a small closet into a location for your washing and dryer. The more attractive it is, the more likely it is that you would look forward to washing and folding clothing.

Get ideas from these charming and useful laundry room shelves that transform this utilitarian space, from open bookshelves and typical cabinets to old furniture that has been upcycled.

There is a solution for every size and style of space in this list of the best laundry room storage ideas.

Vintage Design

vintage laundry room ideas

Using open bracket light wood shelving that was specifically made to suit the area above her countertop, Kate Marker, an interior designer with Kate Marker Interiors, designed the look of a vintage laundry room in sepia tones. The shelf is decorated with a charming display of art, items, and cleaning supplies and is backed by delicate striped wallpaper.

Add a Colorful Accent with Shelf in laundry room

best color for shelf in laundry room

The light green cabinets in this laundry room go well with the shelf, which has a straightforward raw wood aesthetic. Combined, this laundry room exudes a sense of modernity and freshness with just enough flair to make doing laundry a little less tedious.

A Storage Wall

laundry room storage containers

You can rapidly make a list of everything you have if you have open storage. On the other side of her laundry room, Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess built a spacious built-in storage shelf in laundry room that is light and airy and offers storage for:

  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  •  Bathroom supplies

She filled the open shelves with:

  •  Wire locker
  •  Hyacinth baskets
  •  Ceramic berry

To avoid using plastic storage containers.

Examine a Mudroom Combo with Shelf in laundry room

bathroom laundry room combo layout

A laundry room and mudroom wouldn’t have enough area, though. It is possible to fit enough space for a mudroom and laundry room storage by making smart use of your available space. The shelf in this example serves both purposes. If your laundry room doubles as a mudroom, think about shelving and storage solutions that can hold both outerwear and laundry detergent.

Two Doors “Double” Open

laundry room double door ideas

Tones of grey were warmed up with wood by interior designer Whittney Parkinson of Whittney Parkinson Design to create a polished and opulent laundry room. The room also feels like a cabinetry wall, there are thick open floating shelves and thinner built-in open shelving to prevent it from feeling too cramped.

Never Forget Hooks

laundry room hook ideas

The laundry room is a perfect place for a straightforward shelf in laundry room with hooks. Although jackets and entranceways may traditionally be associated with these sorts of shelves, they may also be quite useful in a laundry room. The shelf provides some extra storage space, and the hooks allow you to hang things to dry.

Which shelf kinds are ideal for a laundry room?

  • Open
  • Floating
  • Bracket
  • Stained wooden
  • Pipe
  • Painted wood
  • Wire
  • Wall cabinets and open Combination

What height are appropriate laundry shelves?

Although shelf in laundry room come in a variety of heights and lengths, they typically range from 60 to 70 inches above the floor, depending on your storage requirements. You will also have adequate room over the utility tub if you raise the first shelf to a height of around 60 inches. To assist conceal your water hook-up, you may also consider adding a small shelf just over your washer and dryer.

How deep should Shelf in laundry room be?

Laundry room storage must be useful above everything else. If you’re unsure of how deep your laundry room shelves should be, think about how you’ll utilize them. A 10in–12in shelf will do just fine if you’re planning to merely store bottles of detergent and cartons of fabric softener. A shelf at least 18 inches deep is required if you want to utilize storage bins or store laundry baskets.

8 Justifications for having a separate laundry room in every house

Every house needs a laundry room and shelf in laundry room. Many homes in earlier home designs had laundry rooms built into them, but as homes became smaller and apartments became more prevalent, architects eliminated this crucial component of dwellings to conserve space. The most extreme illustration of this is the crowded “European laundry.”

Thankfully, the laundry room concept is currently seeing a tremendous resurgence. This is also a positive thing, as this is likely one of the most significant and practical rooms to have in your house. The following are the main justifications for why every residence requires a laundry room.

Tidier and Clean up your house

Laundry piles overflowing your hamper never look attractive. When it’s time to do the laundry, everyone who doesn’t have a laundry room sets aside one of the bedrooms for that purpose.

With a shelf in laundry room, all of these heaps of clothing may be stored there until you have time to deal with them, freeing up a bedroom or bed for someone else to use while the laundry is being folded and ironed.

Your attire will appear better with Shelf in laundry room

You can give clothing the necessary care when everything is in its proper place, and you have a pleasant workspace. Fold everything in a space that has been specifically designed for these kinds of care duties, treat blemishes in comfort, and iron your clothing to perfection.

Safeguard Your Chemicals

Storage of potentially dangerous chemical cleaning supplies for youngsters is quite convenient in laundry rooms. All of these hazardous items may be kept locked up in a laundry room.

Remove clutter from the kitchen or bathroom

You would need to store the washing machine elsewhere if your laundry room never existed. Both the kitchen and the bathroom are frequently where washing machines are located in homes.

Particularly if you’re busy doing your laundry, this is never particularly practical and does take up a lot of room in these locations. You may create a lot of space in these places by using laundry rooms. Also, you free up an area in the toilet that would have been occupied by a large washing pail.

Washing Day Is Simpler

Nobody like doing laundry, but when you can do it in a lovely, well-equipped space, it’s a bit easier.

Everything you require is located here

Everything you require for washing, including the detergents, pins, and iron, is kept in one location when you have a separate laundry room. It is much simpler to put things away, and you don’t have to go through several storage locations for the various equipment you require.

Contemporary laundry rooms look amazing

It’s not necessary for your laundry room to be an eyesore in the house. You may make a laundry room that looks quite great by using contemporary design concepts and ideas. This region of your house can develop into one that is as aesthetically beautiful as any other.

You may modernize your laundry room as you choose

You can modernize your laundry room however you like once it is installed. To enjoy your favorite music while ironing your clothing, install a sound system.

Install laundry baskets that let you organize your clothes by color. Build a pet wash area into your laundry room or add a foldable ironing board. There are countless options!


Despite your best efforts, doing laundry is inevitable. But, it’s enough to make anyone anxious to think about sorting whites from dark, with loading and unloading machines, and folding everything. But, this is not a need. If you implement some straightforward design strategies that will make your laundry room useful, you may manage washing laundry with ease and perhaps even make it much more pleasurable. This assortment of the greatest laundry room ideas which mentioned above is full of practical tips and eye-catching images of designs that perfectly combine aesthetic and usefulness, especially if your space is on the smaller side.

There are many methods to update a laundry room, from fashionable paint colors that may make a room appear bigger to inventive ways to place drying racks and shelf in laundry room.

Modifying the cabinet hardware, experimenting with patterned wallpaper, and installing new light fixtures or window treatments are all effective ways to show off your sense of design. We remember to add a fantastic hamper or storage and basket bins to house items like stain remover dryer sheets to complete the appearance.