Wood white fence and other types

Wood white fence, in this article, we have come to provide you with all the information that you will benefit from a lot on this topic and we will present all the details that will help you to understand everything simply from A to Z in order to benefit as much as possible from the information and ideas.

Wood white fence

Before we give you all the details about the wood white fence, we will discuss some other types of fences.

In our article today, we will not only talk about the white fence, but we will also we talk about several materials and types of fences. You can make a modern house fence from one of them.

There are countless types of fences, and in the following we will present some of them to you:

What about the fence in general?

The fence shows the boundaries of your land and limits access to its territory.

It can protect the land from dust, wind, reduce noise.

You can choose the appropriate type of fence according to your needs and reasons for creating it:

And also perform a decorative function, making the appearance of your garden and site in general attractive and original.

When creating a fence, you need to remember the appropriate parameters that determine the location, height and density of the fence, and do not forget about the neighbours.

Informations about fences

For the construction of massive fences, they are often used as a foundation. If provided for the arrangement of vertical support columns, only the pillars are occupied as a base.

The wood white fence design itself can be made of the following materials:

Sometimes fences, in addition to the basic functions, play the role of a supporting wall.

This option is typical for areas with a pronounced relief and a significant difference in height.

Next, we will consider in more detail the types of surfaces used in household plots.

Solid metal fence made of corrugated board.

Many landowners prefer to make their own fences of metal.

For a blind fence, this can be profiled, as an openwork mesh, you can make a mesh or finish an aluminum system.

A more affordable and effective option would be a wrought iron fence.

  • The simplest and most accessible, but at the same time, its shape is a metal fence made of round or square bars.
  • Such fences are used in urban areas, in private plots and cottages.
  • They fence not only for houses, but also children’s institutions, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • To give more decorativeness to such packaging, it is possible to use forged elements in the form of rivets, balls, or petals.
  • Metal fence is a classic option.

The advantages of this fence include

  • Durability.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Accessibility.
  • Minimal care.

Various types of fences

Are you wondering about the cheapest fences in terms of cost?

We will answer your question and talk more about wood white fence in the following paragraph:

1.Metal mesh fence

Metal mesh fence

It is the most economical, simple and universal option.

The price of such a fence is minimal, so it is most suitable for fencing large areas.

The grid can be galvanized, with black or vinyl coating. The dimensions of the cells vary, but most often the frame is 50 by 50 mm.

The height of the fence from the netting can be from one and a half to two meters.

The advantages of metal mesh fence

The advantages of this type of wood white fence include low cost, simple installation, as well as high durability.

The disadvantages of metal mesh fence

Is that such a fence does not protect the site from snow and wind, as well as from the look of passers-by.

2.Corrugated board fence

Corrugated board fence

Recently, fences made of corrugated board have become popular.

This fence protects your privacy.

It can be solid and assembled from partitions, fastened to metal poles or decorative concrete pillars.

The height of such structures can reach three meters.

The advantages of such fences include

Longevity, durability, protection from wind and noise, affordable price and simple installation.

The downside is the unsightly appearance.

These fences are most suitable for fencing industrial areas and warehouses.

Luxurious wrought iron fence assembly and pillars made of decorative concrete blocks.

3.Wrought iron fences

Wrought iron fences

These fences are aesthetic and very effective, as well as durable and durable.

The disadvantage of this type of fencing is a rather high cost, the need for regular painting and repair, as well as reticulation.

This fence connects well with the hedge, which, in addition to the basic functions, will reduce the “transparency” of the fence.

4.Wood white fence made of natural and artificial stone and bricks

Wood white fence made with natural and artificial stone and bricks

As for massive fences made of sheathed concrete, brick or natural stone, these are very expensive and labor-intensive structures.

It is often used to protect homes or country properties.

We have come to the awaited part of the article, which is the wood white fence.

The advantages of fences made of concrete or finished panels include

Longevity, strength, a variety of shapes, due to the flexibility of the material.

The disadvantages of concrete fences

The complexity of installation.

For the installation of panels will need to attract equipment.

The manufacturing cost is very high.

Ordinary gray concrete, this is also a minus.

That is, it needs to be painted or tiled, and this is additional costs and subsequent repairs.

A major breakthrough in the use of these fences was the invention of decorative concrete. Now boards and blocks are produced, the color and texture of which is almost impossible to distinguish from wood or stone. They are one-sided and two-sided.

The main disadvantage of such concrete fences is the large weight of the slabs – up to 70 kg, which also need to be raised to a height of one and a half to two meters.

Before we start discussing the topic of wood white fence, we have to discuss the rest of the fences.

5.Stone fence ideas:

Fences made of natural stone look large and heterogeneous

The fences made of natural stone look large and heterogeneous.

It is used for private housing fence, which emphasizes the status of its owners.

To decorate and give grace to this fence, forged items are often used.

The advantages of stone fences include reliability, aesthetics, durability and with a specialized device, no need for periodic maintenance.

The defect is the very high cost of creating such a fence. Another version of huge containers is brick structure.

The advantage of this fence is its strength, durability and simple enough to install. However, the cost of such a fence will be very expensive, which can be compared to the cost of building a house.

An alternative to massive fences can be combined, which combine corrugated board and concrete or columns of brick, wood, stone, stone, wrought iron, and so on.

This option will be more affordable and, in many cases, will look more functional and aesthetic.

In addition, the weight of the structure will decrease.

6.Modern wood fence:

Now we will discuss wooden fences in general and then we will discuss wood white fence.

This type of fences is very common.

It’s a perfect choice to make you feeling free.

It makes you enjoying the landscape, it is a charm.

Fences made of wood are very diverse.

They fit perfectly into any style of home and plot decoration and can be solid and large, light and delicate.

To create such fences used wood of pine, larch, cedar and other species.

The wooden fences are distinguished by their low cost and simple attractive shape.

7.Wood white fence:

Wood white fence natural look

The wood white fence will be a great idea and will give your home elegance and beauty, and at the same time, it is inexpensive, and it will not cost you a lot of money to make it.

Wood white fence may make your house has a natural look.

Since ancient times, this fence has been known for its elegance and always has a new and unique look.

That is means it will be your best choice.

How to make wood white fence?

Learn more about wood white fence:

These instructions will give you an idea of ​​the steps to take to build a simple wood white fence project with your own hands.

You always need to start with planning.

  • The first step is to measure the boundaries of the place and draw a diagram of the fence.
  • Then the tools and materials are prepared.
  • It is preferable to pre-treat all wooden elements with a protective agent.
  • The next step is the installation of bearing pillars. According to the scheme, pits are prepared to a depth of one meter.
  • The distance between them can be from two to two and a half meters.
  • Then make fence posts, which are firmly fixed to the ground or poured with concrete.
  • After this, a wooden crate is prepared.
  • Five- and ten-centimeter rods are installed to the bottom and top of the pillars.
  • Fasten to the rail’s plates arranged vertically.
  • Then the entire structure is carefully painted or varnished.
  • Then paint it glossy white colour.

Also, you can contact with any company to make it easily, any company can offer you all details that you need.

This type of fence is the most attractive, environmentally friendly and stunning that will suit any location, be it a villa or a luxury mansion.

This fence performs not only a decorative function, but also protects the site from wind and dust.